Our Story

As with many great ideas, our story starts in a pub...

A group of pals including chef Tom Kerridge, Brand Events CEO Chris Hughes and owner of Unicorn Productions Mark James were conversing of their shared love of great food, classic film and their home town of Marlow.  They thought; why not combine all three and serve a three-course meal, created by a top UK chef whilst you’re watching a classic film with your loved ones? This is how the Gourmet Picture Company was born and a Christmas series was created at the Old Town Hall in Marlow town centre. All 4,500 tickets sold out in 15 minutes and the GPC team realised there was a hunger for this simple yet brilliant combination of Classic Food and Classic Film.

In the summer of 2017 Tom recruited his chef mate Rick Stein to curate a delicious menu and the cinemas were set in the beautiful Spa Garden of Cliveden House and Orchard of Chewton Glen. Guest feedback was exceptional so the decision was made to come back in a bigger way in the Christmas of 2017 with more locations - including Bath - and another chef, Atul Kochhar, joining the GPC family. 

2018 will see us travelling to even more locations around the country bringing our unique experiences in food and film to your doorstep.  We can't wait to share our plans with you - watch this space!


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